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Branch & Twig Pencil, 10-Pack, 3.5" Long, Graphite

These adorable rustic branch pencils are made from real tree branches, so each one is unique. Great for journal writing or sketching, but also great just to display. Also makes a great eco-friendly gift for outdoor-related groups/activities, such as boy scouts or girl scouts, or for your artist friends, or even as a wedding favor. The graphite is inserted into the tip of the twig (the length of the graphite varies). Available in graphite or assorted colors, and in 2 different sizes: 3.5" and 5". Handcrafted in Thailand.

  • NOTE: Please do not sharpen these pencils with a regular pencil sharpener; These pencils do NOT have the graphite going through the whole pencil; the graphite is only inserted at the tip (the length of the graphite varies); Please do have fun with them!
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3.5" Long
  • Package Quantity: 10 Branch Pencils
  • Material: Twigs & Branches of Sustainable Tropical Trees
  • Great for children (outdoor classrooms, boy scouts, girl scouts), brides to use as wedding favors, or for any events!

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