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Celadon Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner (Aroma Lamp, Oil Diffuser), Crackled Green

100% Celadon ceramic oil burner (aroma lamp, diffuser).  Celadon ceramic is resistant to chipping and cracking.  Oil burning time is longer in the 1.5" deep bowl.  Approximately 3.5"W x 3.5"L x 4"H.  Available in assorted colors with matte and glazed & crackled finishes.  Handcrafted in Thailand.

    "Perfect size product. I like that the bowl is a bit larger than most products. I also like that it is easier to get to the tea-lite to change between uses. This is a very nice looking oil burner, the quality is very good and it seems much sturdier than most other soapstone burners I have owned"  Robyn - March 2013


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